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Our objective is to give students quality musical instruction in the classroom as well as through private instruction and performing ensembles.

Objectives of Specific Areas of Study

1) Music Theory and Sight-Singing/Ear Training:

In the area of music theory our students are required to take a twelve hour sequence of course work. The goals of each course in the sequence are to build basic theoretical concepts, notational devices, and skills which are necessary for comprehensive musicianship. The skills, concepts, and conventions of notation which are taught in each successive course are cumulative, providing a foundation for the next semester's objectives.

The skills taught in these theory courses are the following:

  • Comprehension of musical notation
  • Theoretical concepts as applied historically to music
  • Vocal response to notated music
  • Development of aural perception

2) Applied Music:

The basic objective of the study of voice and/or an instrument is to develop musicians who are competent, creative, and confident performers so that by graduation or by transfer they will be able to function independently of their instructors.

After initial instruction and encouragement, the students are expected to:

  • Apply knowledge gained in related courses to their performance medium.
  • Recognize and solve technical problems.
  • Develop a proper sense of intonation.
  • Develop musical stylistic sensitivity.
  • Gain knowledge of appropriate literature.
  • Have the enthusiasm and curiosity to pursue the studies in their major performance area.


Core curriculum of Associate of Arts degree (60 hours plus 2 hours physical education)

Music majors must include:

  • Theory I and Sight-Singing/Ear-Training I (fall semester only)
  • Theory II and Sight-Singing/Ear-Training II (spring semester only)
  • Theory III and Sight-Singing/Ear-Training III (fall semester only)
  • Theory IV and Sight-Singing/Ear-Training IV (spring semester only)
  • Class Piano 1 (fall semester only)
  • Class Piano 2 (spring semester only)
  • Private lessons and/or Instrumental Techniques
  • Vocal and/or Instrumental Ensembles
  • Appreciation of Music is recommended in lieu of a Music Literature Course

An introduction theory course is recommended, but not required.
Students must demonstrate proficiency on instrument or voice.

Special Program Admissions Process
Music scholarship auditions
Auditions for select performing ensembles

Sample Schedule

Freshman Year
First Semester
(16 hours

  • Theory I
  • Sight-singing/Ear-training I
  • Class Piano I
  • English Composition I
  • American History I
  • MAC Singers
  • Jazz Band
  • Special Voice

Freshman Year

Second Semester

(19 hours)

  • Theory II
  • Sight-singing/Ear-training II
  • Class Piano II
  • English Composition II
  • American History II
  • Intro to Computers
  • Studio Music
  • Special Voice
  • Wellness Center

Sophomore Year

First Semester

(19 hours)

  • Theory III
  • Sight-singing/Ear-training III
  • Biology w/ Lab
  • Public Speaking
  • Elementary French
  • Studio Music
  • Steel Drum Ensemble
  • Special Voice

Sophomore Year

Second Semester

(17 hours)

  • Theory IV

  • Sight-singing/Ear-training IV

  • College Algebra

  • Earth Science

  • Sociology

  • Studio Music

  • Jazz Band

  • Special Piano